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Bits (2017)

Photo credit: Guido Budani

Bits is a quirky, humorous modern dance piece which examines interactions between the individual and the group using a fragmented movement language.

🔗 Video Excerpt

Choreography: Jocelyn Reyes

Performers: Allyson Adams, Caileigh Knapp, Claudia Mayoss, Michelle Olson, Jocelyn Reyes

Music: Bits of ... Old Legend by Crausaz, William Tell Overture by Rossini, Can-Can by Offenbach, The Well Tempered Clavier (C Minor Prelude) by Bach

Presented: UCLA, Glorya Kaufman Theater

Medium Rare (2017)

Photo credit: Charlie Chang

Can instability open up new possibilities for ways of being?

Choreography: Jocelyn Reyes

Performers: Jessie Grimes, Michelle Olson, Jocelyn Reyes, Amanda Sun

Music: Collage of Syyllinen Syli (Varttina Iki), Ancha es Castilla Sound Score (EVOL), La Vaca (Mala Fe), El Gato Volador (El Chombo), and Todos Me Miran (Gloria Trevi), by Jocelyn Reyes

Presented: UCLA, Glorya Kaufman Theater, Atwater Village Theater

Being Bee (2016)

Photo credit: Taso Papadakis

Being Bee is a modern dance piece that examines care and loss in the midst of everyday chaos.

Choreography: Jocelyn Reyes

Performers: Amanda Adams, Amilcar Aguilar, Barry Brannum, Jocelyn Reyes, Lucas Santhon, Gracie Winston, Bora Yoon

Music: Remix of String quartet No.8 in C minor by Shostakovich, Gnossienne 1 by Erik Satie, Vexations by Erik Satie and various sounds produced by Jocelyn Reyes

Presented: UCLA, Glorya Kaufman Theater, UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative Event

In-Self (2015)

Photo credit: Tim Agler

In-Self is a modern dance piece that examines the nexus of schizophrenia and religion.

Choreography: Jocelyn Reyes

Performers: Tali Aires, Rika Jitosho, Madison Olandt, Michelle Olson, Jocelyn Reyes, Amanda Sanchez

Music: Sounds by Jocelyn Reyes and Guillermo Webster

Presented: Redcat Studio, Curtis Theater, UCLA Glorya Kaufman Theater

2 + a (2014)

Photo credit: Jasmine Reyes

2 + a is a piece focused on the communication of art across disciplines. Through the use of fast, high energy, intricate, complex polyrhythms, this piece explores the intersection of two languages: music and dance.

Choreography: Jocelyn Reyes

Performers: Hannah Blume, Mateo Celada, Rika Jitosho, Michelle Olson, Jocelyn Reyes

Music: 2 + a by Mateo Celada and Jocelyn Reyes

Presented: Bootleg Theater, UCLA Glorya Kaufman Theater, UCLA World Arts and Movement Festival