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RAW presents Jocelyn Reyes
Oct 20 & 21

9pm October 20, 2018 and 7pm October 21, 2018 at Safehouse Arts

Jocelyn Reyes presents Accretion for the RAW Fall edition.

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PUSHFest 2018
September 29 & 30

8pm September 29, 2018 and 7:30pm September 30, 2018 at ODC

Jocelyn Reyes presents 'Medium Rare'.

RAW presents Heidi Carlsen and Jocelyn Reyes
May 18 & 19

8pm May 18, 2018 and 9pm May 19, 2018 at Safehouse Arts

Jocelyn Reyes presents 'Coming to Terms' for the RAW Spring edition.

'Coming to Terms' examines the shifting relationship between two people coming from unstable environments. This dance is about coming to terms with the past to understand the present.

Mark Foehringer's Young Choreographers Forum SF

6pm March 18, 2018 at Joe Goode Annex

Jocelyn Reyes presents 'Tres' as part of the Mark Foehringer's Young Choreographers Forum SF.

'Tres' is a series of three female duets exploring different textures of a single self.

RAW presents Steamroller/Zulfikar Ali Bhutto/Jocelyn Reyes

8pm January 11, 2018 and 8pm January 12, 2018 at Safehouse Arts

Jocelyn Reyes presents 'Bits' for the RAW winter edition.

Bits is a quirky, humorous modern dance piece which examines interactions between the individual and the group using a fragmented movement language.


7:30pm December 7, 2017 at The Sardine

Jocelyn Reyes presents a solo work.

UPSTREAM is a micro-residency program designed to give up-and-coming artists a platform for experimentation in a tiny space.

REYES @ Mbongui Square Festival

7pm November 11, 2017 and 7pm November 12, 2017 at Zaccho Studio

Jocelyn Reyes presents 'Bits' at MSF.

Mbongui Square Festival is an annual festival that celebrates the performing and visual arts. Organized by Kiandanda Dance Theater, the festival gathers dance, music, visual arts and spoken word artists of varied style and artistic choices, from the Bay Area and across the world.

REYES @ Fall LEVYsalon

8:30pm November 4, 2017 at LEVYstudio

Jocelyn Reyes presents 'Coming To Terms'

LEVYsalon is a micro-residency program designed to give up-and-coming artists of all disciplines a platform for expression and experimentation. The program concludes with an evening showcase, and each artist/ensemble presents five minutes of their work in progress.

Room 204

August 18 2017

Jocelyn Reyes hosts an evening of sight-specific dance solos and interactive installations in a home.

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